Banbury Rewire – L J Mullan Electrical

Some long hours have gone into a property in Banbury this week to carry out a complete rewire. The customer initially contacted to tell me that they wanted a rewire as they didn’t feel safe in their house. Electrical accessories had stopped working, lights flickering, sockets burning out etc. We could see why these things were happening when ripping out all the original wiring to put in the new ones.
-Exposed single insulated cables under floor boards.🙈
-Junction boxes under floor boards were loose and poorly installed.
-Old rubber cabling still in use.🔥
-Hidden junction boxes buried in the walls in the kitchen with no ring continuity.🤯
-Nibbled cables 🐭
-Earths snipped away at accessories.
-Loose connections in the fuse board.💣

Fair to say a rewire was overdue.
The house is now up to current regulations and signed off with the correct documentation issued to the customer. 👍😄

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